Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sum It Up

WOW! I can not believe that it is January 31, 2012 already! Where has the time gone? Remember as a kid we used to wish the days away, now we don't have enough time to even think about wishing them away. *Sigh* We live and we learn.

On to more exciting news...Today has been 7 weeks since I started back on my journey and it only feels like yesterday. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like at 52 weeks!

I wanted to take a look back at my accomplishments over the last 7 weeks just to see the big picture of how much this has impacted my life. So here it goes!

1. Successfully tracking my food every day, learning to balance and stay within healthy limits
2. Burned 9,966 calories by working out
3. Walking, jogging, running, bicycling 85.16 MILES (Must I tell you how much I was moving before?)
4. I have lost 12lbs as of my last weigh-in (1/30/12, measurements will be taken and posted on Feb. 2)
5. More quiet time and prayer time to help me realize some things to work on and help change the inside
6. Realizing my health problems are not just from my diet but some are also medical issues
7. My skin feels and looks so much healthier and radiant from drinking so much water
8. I have been able to encourage some of the ladies at my office to take a healthy approach to life
9. I have been able to set an example to my kids and show them good food is yummy too
10. My clothes are fitting just a little bit looser all over

I have not completed this journey yet but I am still walking through every day, good or bad and giving thanks to the Lord for the strength that he provides me on this trying journey.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His Love endures forever."  Psalm 145:7


P.S. I added January's pictures here. I am not seeing the change yet but I am feeling it.


  1. You are beautiful no matter what the number on the scale says:) You are doing an amazing job!!

  2. Great job! Keep making those healthy choices.

  3. Great job! you are doing awesome. thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog :)