Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mid Week Catch Up

I am having a pretty good week so far and we are half way through it. This is always a good thing in my book. It seems like if the first half of the week goes well the rest just follows in line behind it. I mentioned in my weigh in post that I was able to get a menu planned out for this week and it has proven to be helpful. Except for Monday night when I forgot that we had an orthodontist appointment out of town. It worked out though because there was a Subway right around the corner (my bff decided to torture me though with Wing Stop, what a friend!). Which by the way, she does not follow my blog and I told her I was gonna throw her under the bus for not following me. 

So here is what my menu plan for this week looks like:

Egg White & Quaker Instant Oatmeal
1 cup of coffee with splenda & sugar free french vanilla non dairy creamer

Snack Choice of 1
Crackers w/Laughing Cow cheese

Turkey sandwich or Egg White Omlette w/Spinach (haven't actually had a sandwich, had crackers instead with my soup)
Healthy Harvest Soups (My favorite is Tomato Basil or the Pasta Fajoli) <100 cals and super yummy!
5 club crackers and topped my soup with Chipotle Tortilla Strips

Snack Choice of 1
Yogurt w/granola
Green Beans
I usually have a cup of coffee in the afternoon also

M-Subway-Flat bread, turkey & ham with mustard, honey mustard, mozzarella cheese & veggies, Baked Lays, Yogurt Parfait
T-Salmon, cauliflower, grilled onions, green beans
W-Crock Pot Chicken tacos 
T-Homemade Pizzas
F-Cereal or Oatmeal w/PB (kids & hubby will be gone)
S-Tuna Salad w/crackers & green beans
S-Healthy Harvest Soup & veggies

I worked out last night and felt pretty good and I am going to try and go every night this week with Monday & Sunday being my rest days for the week. 

Please pray for me today as I have my doctors appointment and I am feeling a little anxious, worried, nervous about it. 

I know this is the hardest time for so many of us because life starts to get in the way of the goals you set for yourself. Please remember that God has only given you 1 body and 1 life to spend with your family. How do you want to spend it? I want to spend mine feeling healthy, happy and enjoying all the fun things we are meant to do with our kids and families.



  1. Thanks for sharing your eats...I love to see what others are eating.

    I hope the doctor's appointment goes well.

  2. Let us know how the crock pot tacos are..I'm always looking for new ideas for the crockpot :)

  3. Oh..and I added you to friends on mfp (or tried to anyway)..let me know if it didn't work :)

  4. I will! I am hoping they turn out good. I didn't get your invite though. I sent you one, hope you get it.

  5. Yum! You are making me hungry;) I am praying you find out what is going on at your doctors appointment:-)