Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been having several thoughts for my post today but nothing really sticks out to be motivational or important so I am just going to blog about some different randomness lately.

I have been really tired lately and I am talking about the "I have no energy and I don't wanna get up from desk" kind. I am not sure what is causing this but my husband keeps telling me its just the change in my lifestyle. It is going on 5 five weeks and I would think that my body would be some what adjusted by now but its not. I am loosing concentration when in the middle of something and have trouble bringing my thoughts back around. Again, he says it is my body's way of acting out against my lifestyle change. This is my 2nd week back on my vitamins so I am hoping to see more of a change by the end of this week.

Lettuce! I have never in my life had any problems eating any kind of lettuce. But the last 2 times I had salad I was miserable. For what ever reason my body is not tolerating lettuce (romaine or leaf) at this point. This is not cool because I love having my salads. I mean I get full and feel like I have done a great job with my meals. I do not however enjoy them enough to suffer like I have been. So for now, we will not be having lettuce salads but will be replacing them with spinach salads.

One more thought on my body transition is that I cant seem to be able to wrap my mind around big tasks. For instance, I want to sit down and write out my menu plan for the week but mentally getting myself to that point of thinking it through is exhausting.

My workouts are the one thing that I feel like I am able to enjoy and feel productive with lately. There have only been a couple of days over the last few weeks that I have really not been in to my workout and felt unsatisfied when I was finished. I know the things that I need to do and have in order to be prepared to have a good work out and I want to continue to try and always be prepared for them.

If you would please keep me in your prayers that I can get past this stage and get to the full of energy and ready to go stage I would really appreciate it.
This is a lifestyle not a diet, this is a marathon not a sprint. I have to remind myself of this daily.



  1. Love your saying at the end ...This is a lifestyle not a diet, this is a marathon not a sprint...that is so true and need to remind myself of that also. Thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving me some encouragment! I'll pray for you also :)

  2. In regards to your health, have you been to the doctor lately? I am anemic (low red blood cell count and lack of iron) and I often experience similar symptoms.
    Love the little saying at the bottom, what a beautiful outlook to have on this whole weight loss journey.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. I have not been to the doctor yet but I have an appointment next week. I will definitely be asking him for some suggestions on this though. Thanks!