Saturday, January 7, 2012


I told myself and my husband this morning that I wanted to get in a work out today at some point.

I got up at 10:00 (yea) had my fiber one cereal, apple and my usual coffee. Then I decided to tackle putting away all of our Christmas stuff and do a little cleaning. Next thing I knew it was 4 and I needed to head to the grocery store in order to make dinner. The kids and I loaded up and spent almost an hour and a half there. How does that happen?? Anyways, we get back and I get dinner made and muffins for in the morning done while the 3 amigos (+1, sleep over) shower. Now its almost 8 and we decide to watch a movie together. Oh yeah, I also need to say that after careful review of my calories today I was able to have 2 chocolate chip cookies (which are ridiculous at 180 calories) with my coffee for dessert, I still wasn't over my calories though. Cozy couch, comfy pillow, squishy blanket and the lights down low. I was loving it and nearly asleep until that little voice started talking.

I said all that to say that I listened to that little voice, which I would like to refer to as skinny me. I got up, tucked the kids in bed and laced up my sneakers. 8 minutes later and I was starting my mile. It was so peaceful and just what I needed to connect with God a little. It was a busy day and I didn't spend much time with Him and He knew I would on that last mile.

I need to remember to listen to that little voice more often.



  1. Seriously this is GREAT!!! More often than not I ignore that voice :( Kuddos to you for listening and caving in to a good thing :)

  2. Getting busy and letting the really important things get in the way is a huge obstacle for most moms! Great job for getting the exercise in even when you didn't want to!