Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Update

If you are interested in the Package Pen Pals please let me know by 2pm tomorrow 3/1. For those of you that have messaged me and are interested I will be sending you out an email with more information soon.

I cant wait to get to know all of you more!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who doesn't love gifts?

I have always loved to be able to introduce new things to my friends and family. I am notorious for trying new stuff and then begging others to try it. Are you the same way? I have a point to the rambles I promise just keep reading.

At church we have a group of moms that meet once a month and just enjoy one another, eat and we usually have some sort of event or speaker. At the first meeting this year we drew names for a secret prayer partner (SPP) for the year. This has been an awesome experience to say the least. The days that I receive those little notes or a special gift from my SPP were perfectly timed. Whether I was having a rough day or was having an awesome day I always find them encouraging in the perfect moment. Its a great feeling knowing that someone else is thinking of me on a regular basis. On my end it has been so much fun to be able to creatively come up with encouraging words and cute gifts for her on occasion.

Here is where I am going with all this rambling though. I want to see if anyone would be interested in doing a Package PenPal (P.P.P)? You would basically take a few items ($15 limit??) a month that you are using or have found that are awesome and you have enjoyed and send them to your P.P.P. Of course, they would all need to be on the healthy side and something that you have tried. You could also include products such as bath, beauty, aroma,etc that you have truly enjoyed and that are good for you. You could send them a note with encouraging words or scripture or maybe even a great book that you have read that encouraged you.

I have connected with many of you through my facebook page and it has been great. I would love for more of us to get connected and help each other out. If you would be interested in the P.P.P just leave a comment letting me know, send me an email or message me on facebook and I will work on organizing it for us.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 8

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 220 (12/12/11)
CW: 202 (-1.2lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 2552
Miles ran/jogged/walked: 12.48
Avg Calories per day: 1217
95oz-120oz water daily

This week was a little different for my workouts as I have changed it up some. Monday & Tuesday was my usual cardio (2.3 & 3.5 miles) as I wasn't feeling well. Then I started doing the C25K training on Wednesday so that became my cardio (wogged a bit to round it out to 2 miles each time) and then I am lifting weights on my non run days. I did arms for an hour the first day and legs & abs for an hour the next day. With the way it worked out last week I didn't have an off day and I was ok with that because I felt good. Over all I would say it was a pretty successful week even though I was hoping to see 2lbs lost this week.

Mini goal for last week: Eat more fruits and less snacky type foods (crackers, granola, cereal bars).~ DONE!!

Mini goal for this week: Less sugar products (i.e. yogurt, bars, processed foods, etc.)

NSV this week:
  • Completed C25K week 1!
  • Started weight training on my non run days and lived to tell about it!
  • I have found so many awesome supporters this past week!

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

I decided I should start doing weights on my non run days with the C25K training. Boy am I already feeling it. I am going to organize a daily journal to keep up with my different workouts but I haven't gotten there yet. I wanna look back in 6 months or in a year and see how much better and stronger I have gotten. Can u see me fit and healthy in your head? Cause I can see us both there!

Good week so far with my food choices. I have some how over the last week decided to try and eat "cleaner" so I'm eating boiled egg whites, apples w/PB and bananas for snacks instead of yogurt, granola and crackers. Well see how well I do with it.

It just dawned on me that every weekly challenge I have set on my Monday weigh ins have stuck with me for the most part in the following weeks. It really is about changing habits.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of "Planking" in case you wanna give it a try. I have sore elbows tonight from the ones I did today.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since I'm back to feeling some what normal I started up my C25K training tonight. Boy, did I sweat. I mean I usally wog 3-5 miles on a high incline and I'm not sure I ever sweat that much. Anyways, I feel super accomplished by doing it tonight. Last year at this time I was pushing myself to run a mile in 13mins and then I would stop. I wanna be strong and fit and beautiful. I will get there, one step, one day at a time.

Planking! Have you heard of it or done it? It's a major core workout. I actually did one tonight for 54 seconds. I know it doesn't seem like very long but try it and let me know what you think.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thats Really You Fan Page!

I decided to start a page on Facebook to journal different aspects of my healthy lifestyle that will accompany my blog. I am sure not all my friends on Facebook actually care what I am eating or how far I ran, so if you want to know more about what I am doing daily check me out here.

Please feel free to leave comments, pictures of your progress, recipes, workout tips, etc on this page.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 7

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 220 (12/12/11)
CW: 203.2 (-0lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 3331
Miles ran/jogged/walked: 17.5
Avg Calories per day: 1206
95oz-120oz water daily

First, let me point out that I have adjusted my starting weight (10lbs) to reflect my new scale, the gym scale and the doctors office scale. I was using an old manual one and it was always 10lbs under these other scales. Since I got a new digital one for V-day I wanted to get it all lined up. Now on to my freak out, I lowered my calorie intake last week to maintain my 1.5lb per week loss like MFP suggested and I burned some serious calories. So WHY did I not have a loss this week? Ugh! I am (now) a firm believer that I would rather loose 1.5lb a week over 3lbs in one week. I am also starting to get a nasty head cold so maybe it was the Nyquil I took last night that screwed up my weigh in. Doubtfully, but a girl can hope cant she? 

I found some laughing cow cream cheese spread (cinnamon) this weekend that was yummy on my honey wheat thin bagels!

Mini goal for last week: Eat more veggies~Done, I cooked up a bunch yesterday for this week also. 

Mini goal for this week: Eat more fruits and less snacky type foods (crackers, granola, cereal bars).

NSV this week:
  • Several comments this week on my change in appearance!
  • My hubby said my belly was looking (and feeling) a lot smaller!

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18


Friday, February 17, 2012

Look it over

Well, I kind of feel like I haven't had much to say this week and I guess I haven't really. I am going to borrow a blog format from my friend Keelie over at Real Fat to look at the past week.

Physical-I have had a great week so far and I have already gotten in 13 miles on the treadmill. I have felt thinner all week and that is a definite plus. My daily tracking and counting has been way under my required daily amounts. I just cant seem to get enough calories in. It doesn't help though that I work out at the end of the day so I end up with a lot of burned calories that go unused. I don't think I have been really hungry at any point so I know that I am getting the food that I need. For now, this is just how it is as I am NOT a morning person and I don't see myself changing that up anytime soon. Oh yeah and I have gotten in tons of water. I have decided to sign up for the 5K in May and I am SUPER excited about it! I am going to start the C25K on Monday to train for it since at this point I have been wogging mostly. I am also going to get new running shoes this weekend as mine are killing me! :)You think I am a perfect healthy life style person don't you?

Mental-I am not perfect and if you have been with me at all then you know this. Mentally, I have been kind of drained and weak.  I am still struggling with some of the issues that I have dealt with in the past but I am seeing some positive differences. I will keep doing what I am doing and continue to pray that I grow stronger mentally. Every day is a battle and some days I feel like its not worth it. I know that's not true but some times that nasty voice gets the better of me. I was telling my husband last night that I have noticed some of friends & family don't have much to say to me anymore since I am continuing on with this journey. However, I think in a way that is partially what keeps me from having a major set back, because I know they are just waiting for me to fail and say its not worth it. I know they aren't doing it to be mean or hurtful but were human and it happens. I just hope that I am able to show others that even through mental, emotional and physical struggles this making this life style change is still possible.

Emotionally-I have been stretched VERY thin. I am dealing with a pre-teen (almost 11) very hormonal (I am convinced it is in our foods!!) daughter that has literally caused gray hair in the last few weeks. Eeek!! Anyways, I can talk until I am blue in the face about that but I wont subject you all to any unwanted gray hairs at this point. I am doing a lot (not enough I am sure) praying about this and a few other personal things going on in my life right now. I have always been an "emotional eater" but I am now finding that instead of "eating" I am focusing on following my plan. I am like the calorie nazi on most days and I will tell you that I am a little obsessed with it. I do have my off days in the gym but I wont allow myself to have off days from my food. I am terrified that if I allow myself to have that one meal out where I have what ever I want that I wont be able to come back. Does this make sense to anyone else? All of the times that I have been down this path before I have allowed myself those weak moments or even planned out ones when I don't count calories or check the nutritional value and it has gotten me to where I was when I started this journey. I hope and pray that one day I will be able to have this under control but like I said here and here I think this will always be apart of me. Every day I am given the choice to make and it is only up to me to make the right one.

I pray that I will continue to grow closer to the Lord and stronger in my His ways every day.

"Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other." Isaiah 45:22


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What if?

I need to get some insight from my oh so smart friends!

I am really thinking about signing up for a 5k in May. I even discussed it with my husband and he thinks it would be great for me.

I have never done a race and while I would love to do the half marathon I know I am just not ready for that at this point. Hopefully I know I will get there one day though.

I would kind of be going into it blind as I have never done, been to or seen a race of any sort. So I need advice, help, tips, ideas etc.

None of my friends would be going so I wonder if I will find anyone there to talk with or will I just be the odd man out. I am not good with being in solitude for very long. With the distance from home to the race I would need to stay in a nearby hotel and I am not sure how crazy things get the night before the race. What about foods to eat before the race? What if I have to pee in the middle of it? What do I wear so I don't have a wedgie the whole time and chaffed thighs? What if, What if, What if? I just realized that I am intimidated by the pictures of all the racers.

I know its only 3.1 miles but still, all of these things are possible and totally my luck.

Anyways, if you could spare some advice or words of wisdom I would totally appreciate it.

On another note, I got a super fancy new scale for Valentine's Day and I love it! However, this one is not the same # as my current scale. :(


Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 6

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 210 (12/12/11)
CW: 193 (-3lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 1950
Miles ran/jogged/walked: 13.1
Avg Calories per day: 1088
95oz-120oz water daily

This was a weird week as far as my food went. I wasn't very hungry on most days and had to make myself eat. I ate a lot of egg whites and oatmeal and it wasn't limited to just breakfast. I am excited about the pounds lost but I also know that I didn't get enough calories in last week, especially after going to the gym. I am going to try and be more aware of it this week and eat more of my earned calories.

Mini goal for last week: 20 miles on the treadmill~13.1 miles done, I am still happy with this. :)

Mini goal for this week: Eat more veggies, this has really been lacking.

NSV this week:
  • 14.5 inches lost overall!!
  • I felt pretty again

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me time

My girls are gone for the weekend so I think I am gonna have some good ol me time. What sounds good?? Heading to get my nails done, seeing The Vow with my bff and maybe lunch and then to finish up my shopping for my Valentines. Oh yeah, I also need to bake some Valentines treats for my girls to take to school.

At this moment laying in bed, I don't know if I feel like working out today but I know I need to. Well see how the day goes and see if I end up burning calories. I have had a good week on my food choices and have gotten in 11 miles already but I wanna give it my best and I have already had 2 rest days this week.

How does your weekend look? Hope you all have a great day!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I had a great workout on Sunday (5 miles) another great workout Monday (4 miles) and then yesterday I was able to get in 3.5 miles. That is some good stuff right there!! However for those of you that are not a friend of mine on Facebook let me let you in on how last nights work out went.

So I am just truckin right along on the treadmill minding my own business and watching my show. The gym is kind of full with the regular 8:00pm crowd so I am in my groove. After the first 2 miles I tell myself, ok you can do this, as I wanted to try and get in another 4 miles. 55 minutes later I hit 3.5 miles and decided I was happy with that for my workout. I stepped to the sides of the treadmill to snap my usual picture of my summary. Then it happened, I tried to step off the treadmill. Did you notice a step missing there? I never hit STOP! Luckily, I was pretty quick on my feet and caught myself on the side rails just before I would have fallen. I was trying to play it cool though and no one said anything. I got a few funny looks from some ladies that were behind me when I was heading to the trash to throw away my cleaning wipes but I just smiled and acted like it never happened. On another note, a friend was next to me and she never said a word.

I will be back on the treadmill tonight and I will remember to hit STOP this time. I hope.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 5

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 210 (12/12/11)
CW: 196 (-2lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 2184

Miles ran/jogged/walked: 9.8
Miles cycled: 18 (4:1 ratio to the treadmill-4.5 miles)

Total Miles: 14.3
Avg Calories per day: 1202
90oz-105oz water daily

Yea! I had a 2lb loss this week! As mentioned in yesterdays post I am getting conflicting numbers though between my scale and the one at the gym. I think I will be buying myself a new scale for next week. This week went rather well and I am pleased with my efforts on all accounts. I think it is important to balance all these changes out to keep from burning out. I had 3 rest days this week but only planned on having 2. I really needed that 3rd day though. I am proud to say that even with TOM here I was able to control my cravings which is not usual for me. So that is a big NSV for this week. I changed my measurement date to next week so I will be posting it along with next weeks weigh in.

Mini goal for last week:  Drink more water--DONE!

Mini goal for this week: 20 miles on the treadmill

NSV this week:

  • More personal time with God!
  • Having control over cravings!
  • Enjoyed cake with my family without over indulging!

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Review

It's close to 8:45, the kids are tucked in bed and I have some down time so I am going to use it wisely.

We had a great visit with my mom and aunt yesterday. They were able to enjoy lunch with us and then we were able to show them around the adorable little town we call home. The girls were so excited they camped out on the front porch for about 30 minutes waiting on their arrival. I am happy to say that I was able to demonstrate self control and had a small piece of chicken spaghetti, dinner salad and small piece of lemon cake that I made. It was so good!! I am hoping my husband finishes it off so I don't have to be tempted with it for long.

I knew I would be to busy to go to the gym on Friday but I had planned on going Saturday evening. Epic Fail!! I was exhausted from all the excitement and everything so we just rented movies and relaxed. Today was a different story though. After church I went to the gym with the intentions of 30 minutes on weights and 2 miles on the treadmill. That first mile I wasn't sure I was gonna make it all the way through but I did and I went on to do another 4. Yes, that would be 5 miles (wogging) and it felt great! I had a light eating day today but it wasn't really on purpose. Praying for a nice surprise on tomorrows weigh in.

On that note, I have a dilemma to figure out. Our scale is WAY old and I want a new one but that has to wait until my 20lbs lost. The problem is that the scale at the gym has always been about 9 lbs more than at home. I decided to weigh at the gym today and it was 5lbs less than what it was on that same scale last week. I weighed at home this morning and it was way different than that. This is very frustrating for me and I am thinking that when I get a new scale its gonna be way different than what I am currently basing my numbers off of.

Any advise on how to change over scales easily?


Friday, February 3, 2012

My bad friend

I had lunch today with my BFF and I have decided that she is bad news for me. She makes me use my willpower when I am with her.

 My choice of lunch~410 calories

My BFF's choice of lunch~660 calories 
(I wont mention what she told me she ate before we even met for lunch today)

No worries, though I made it through lunch with out tackling asking her for any of her cookies. I will be having my awesome coffee this afternoon and she wont since her office has crappy coffee. ;)-

It's FRIDAY!!! Yea! We decided to make chicken spaghetti, spinach salad and garlic bread for lunch tomorrow with my family. I am undecided at this point if I am going to allow myself to have the chicken spaghetti but I am not to worried about it. I will also be making a homemade cake with homemade glaze and the girls will be making sugar cookies. Wish me luck and willpower!

I am hoping that I will have good news to report on Monday's weigh in. If I don't get back before then, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Much to do about nothing

Blah! This is how I feel today. TOM is here for a visit, I am miserable and I want to go home and sleep.

Anyways, that's not gonna happen so I will tell you what is gonna happen.

My mom, step-dad and aunt are coming to visit us in our new house this week for the first time. Since we have moved we don't get to see them as much so this is going to be a nice treat. Unfortunately, my house needs some major love, the groceries for lunch need to be bought, laundry has to get done, dinner has to get cooked for tonight and today is my long day (1.5 hour) at the gym. I have what about 7 hours left in the day once I get off today?!?! Wish me luck!

Confession~I ate 4 oreo cookies with the little kids at choir last night. Don't fret though, I went to the gym and burned them off plus about 160 extra calories. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself, I needed chocolate and this was after my little peanut butter toast with chocolate chip treat that I thought would satisfy the need.

Today is suppose to be my 1 month measurement day but doing that would be setting myself up for failure (see paragraph 1). So, I will wait and take my overall measurements in about 2 weeks. This just gives me more time to loose some inches baby!

I am super excited to now have 31 followers! Being encouraged by reading your blogs and the awesome comments is an awesome experience. I hope that I am able to encourage all of you in some way or another.

I read this little devotional today and was really encouraged by it. This is the same author that wrote the book 'Made To Crave' that I often refer to. I hope you are encouraged by it like I was.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Legs & Knees

Can I share with you what I want my legs to look like? Of course I can, this is my blog. 

Ok, but really I saw this picture and thought if when I am at goal, I want my legs & knees to look like this. 

I have always loved my legs until the last few years. Granted they were never this great but I always had nice definition. 

What I don't want anymore is for my knees to have a "handle" on them, my thighs to rub together and my calves to blend into my the rest of my leg.

Hard work, determination and a healthy diet will get me there! One day!

What is the one area of your body you want changed the most?