Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's my party and...

So this is not really about my weight loss journey but about an idea in my head. That can sometimes be dangerous, if you don't know me very well. I tend to get a little creative and OCD about my visions. :)

Today we were all talking about birthdays here in my office and what we do for our birthday's each year. I am kind of bummed because there has never been "something" that is done for me on my birthday that is a tradition. In the last couple of years, I have gone through ALOT of changes and have tried to make new lasting traditions for my girls. I cant really remember having very many traditions growing up but I wished we had. So I am changing that for my girls, you know changing the pattern of history kind of thing. Birthdays have always been a big deal to me when preparing and planning them for others. So why is my birthday not a big deal with fun traditions or surprise parties in store for me?
*Disclaimer~My immediate family will usually have a meal together but I am talking big, special, important here.*

I can really only remember one birthday party as I got older and that's probably because it was my last one, at the age of 12. Is that normal, or just sad? Either way, it is what it is. I used to dream about an amazing sweet 16 but that was shot out of the water many years ago. I did a lot of growing up in my early years and it was all way to fast.

But now, I am approaching 30 and its my party and I can......if I want to! Can I take a minute to revert back to the 13 year old little girl, and throw a fit so I can have a big party with all my friends, family and all their kids in attendance? Ok, anyways, one of these years I will have a big party even if I plan it myself. Which is liable to happen since most of my family are not very good at planning things (to my standard anyways). My mother in law would be the one that would be good at this, but she usually has my assistance. My husband always says that the idea/vision I have in my head is usually not reality but I think it is, so I can see us all having fun and playing silly games and making memories at my great party. Can you see it? Will you be there celebrating me and all that Jesus has done with me in the past how ever many years?

Oh yeah, at this party I am at least 30lbs healthier and I am glowing with the joy of where God has brought me from.

Tell me about an amazing party, tradition or event that has been your birthday.

If you are interested, I did 7 miles on the bike last night and 2 miles on the treadmill. Oh yeah, and I was under my calories for the day. I am feeling like a million bucks this morning!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! Psalm 107:1



  1. That is one cool thing about being a parent, I can try to improve things for my kids so they can have a better (nicer) childhood than I had.

  2. I love the fact that I can change my life according to how I think things should be done know that I am finally a "adult" I added quotation marks because I am the biggest child ever I am having a engagement party next weekend and decoration the house in silly pink decorations and stupid little things. Be able to change routines and traditions is the best part of life, it can really make you happy.
    Good luck with your birthday party when it rolls around.

  3. I always celebrated my birthday with my grandma, her bday was the day after mine. I have wonderful pictures ...32 years worth of us holding a cake up with our names on it:( Thus brings tears to my eyes because I lost her last April to stage 4 brain cancer. But I know thus July she will have the best bday ever in Heaven with Jesus Christ and pain bday ever!!

  4. I don't have parties thrown in my honor for my birthday either :) One of my favorites was in 2009 and I turned 30 and it snowed on my birthday! It was like God's special gift to me :) Proud of you!

  5. Well if it snows on my 30th (June) I will be moving to another state! :)

    I so wish I had great memories like that from my childhood. This will be an amazing birthday for your grandma!!

  6. I've tried to do the same thing for my kids as well....starting special memories that sort of "make up" for the ones I don't have. We all deserve our own party and to be celebrated!!