Friday, February 3, 2012

My bad friend

I had lunch today with my BFF and I have decided that she is bad news for me. She makes me use my willpower when I am with her.

 My choice of lunch~410 calories

My BFF's choice of lunch~660 calories 
(I wont mention what she told me she ate before we even met for lunch today)

No worries, though I made it through lunch with out tackling asking her for any of her cookies. I will be having my awesome coffee this afternoon and she wont since her office has crappy coffee. ;)-

It's FRIDAY!!! Yea! We decided to make chicken spaghetti, spinach salad and garlic bread for lunch tomorrow with my family. I am undecided at this point if I am going to allow myself to have the chicken spaghetti but I am not to worried about it. I will also be making a homemade cake with homemade glaze and the girls will be making sugar cookies. Wish me luck and willpower!

I am hoping that I will have good news to report on Monday's weigh in. If I don't get back before then, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



  1. You should have some spaghetti along with the salad, just don't over do it. It's something I'm trying to tell myself also..I can have what I want, just not TOO much. Enjoy your time with your family :)

  2. Have a great weekend!! I am hoping for great results for you come Monday:)