Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I had a great workout on Sunday (5 miles) another great workout Monday (4 miles) and then yesterday I was able to get in 3.5 miles. That is some good stuff right there!! However for those of you that are not a friend of mine on Facebook let me let you in on how last nights work out went.

So I am just truckin right along on the treadmill minding my own business and watching my show. The gym is kind of full with the regular 8:00pm crowd so I am in my groove. After the first 2 miles I tell myself, ok you can do this, as I wanted to try and get in another 4 miles. 55 minutes later I hit 3.5 miles and decided I was happy with that for my workout. I stepped to the sides of the treadmill to snap my usual picture of my summary. Then it happened, I tried to step off the treadmill. Did you notice a step missing there? I never hit STOP! Luckily, I was pretty quick on my feet and caught myself on the side rails just before I would have fallen. I was trying to play it cool though and no one said anything. I got a few funny looks from some ladies that were behind me when I was heading to the trash to throw away my cleaning wipes but I just smiled and acted like it never happened. On another note, a friend was next to me and she never said a word.

I will be back on the treadmill tonight and I will remember to hit STOP this time. I hope.



  1. AND that is why the treadmill scares me! But I still do it but I have to think all the time to be sure I come off of it safely1

  2. Okay...I was reading this at the car wash and laughed right out loud!! Then I explained what I was laughing about to a girl next to me and it turned into a very fun conversation.

    I'm glad you didn't get hurt or fall. I would've probably busted out laughing at myself though...even if I'd be so embarrassed. :)

    Hope your workout is less exciting tonight!

  3. You go girl..just be careful :)