Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who doesn't love gifts?

I have always loved to be able to introduce new things to my friends and family. I am notorious for trying new stuff and then begging others to try it. Are you the same way? I have a point to the rambles I promise just keep reading.

At church we have a group of moms that meet once a month and just enjoy one another, eat and we usually have some sort of event or speaker. At the first meeting this year we drew names for a secret prayer partner (SPP) for the year. This has been an awesome experience to say the least. The days that I receive those little notes or a special gift from my SPP were perfectly timed. Whether I was having a rough day or was having an awesome day I always find them encouraging in the perfect moment. Its a great feeling knowing that someone else is thinking of me on a regular basis. On my end it has been so much fun to be able to creatively come up with encouraging words and cute gifts for her on occasion.

Here is where I am going with all this rambling though. I want to see if anyone would be interested in doing a Package PenPal (P.P.P)? You would basically take a few items ($15 limit??) a month that you are using or have found that are awesome and you have enjoyed and send them to your P.P.P. Of course, they would all need to be on the healthy side and something that you have tried. You could also include products such as bath, beauty, aroma,etc that you have truly enjoyed and that are good for you. You could send them a note with encouraging words or scripture or maybe even a great book that you have read that encouraged you.

I have connected with many of you through my facebook page and it has been great. I would love for more of us to get connected and help each other out. If you would be interested in the P.P.P just leave a comment letting me know, send me an email or message me on facebook and I will work on organizing it for us.


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  1. I love writing letters and sending cards...I would love to add you to my list!