Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 7

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 220 (12/12/11)
CW: 203.2 (-0lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 3331
Miles ran/jogged/walked: 17.5
Avg Calories per day: 1206
95oz-120oz water daily

First, let me point out that I have adjusted my starting weight (10lbs) to reflect my new scale, the gym scale and the doctors office scale. I was using an old manual one and it was always 10lbs under these other scales. Since I got a new digital one for V-day I wanted to get it all lined up. Now on to my freak out, I lowered my calorie intake last week to maintain my 1.5lb per week loss like MFP suggested and I burned some serious calories. So WHY did I not have a loss this week? Ugh! I am (now) a firm believer that I would rather loose 1.5lb a week over 3lbs in one week. I am also starting to get a nasty head cold so maybe it was the Nyquil I took last night that screwed up my weigh in. Doubtfully, but a girl can hope cant she? 

I found some laughing cow cream cheese spread (cinnamon) this weekend that was yummy on my honey wheat thin bagels!

Mini goal for last week: Eat more veggies~Done, I cooked up a bunch yesterday for this week also. 

Mini goal for this week: Eat more fruits and less snacky type foods (crackers, granola, cereal bars).

NSV this week:
  • Several comments this week on my change in appearance!
  • My hubby said my belly was looking (and feeling) a lot smaller!

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18



  1. That Cinnamon Laughing Cow sounds yummy.

  2. You are doing a great job..keep it up girlie ;0)