Thursday, February 2, 2012

Much to do about nothing

Blah! This is how I feel today. TOM is here for a visit, I am miserable and I want to go home and sleep.

Anyways, that's not gonna happen so I will tell you what is gonna happen.

My mom, step-dad and aunt are coming to visit us in our new house this week for the first time. Since we have moved we don't get to see them as much so this is going to be a nice treat. Unfortunately, my house needs some major love, the groceries for lunch need to be bought, laundry has to get done, dinner has to get cooked for tonight and today is my long day (1.5 hour) at the gym. I have what about 7 hours left in the day once I get off today?!?! Wish me luck!

Confession~I ate 4 oreo cookies with the little kids at choir last night. Don't fret though, I went to the gym and burned them off plus about 160 extra calories. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself, I needed chocolate and this was after my little peanut butter toast with chocolate chip treat that I thought would satisfy the need.

Today is suppose to be my 1 month measurement day but doing that would be setting myself up for failure (see paragraph 1). So, I will wait and take my overall measurements in about 2 weeks. This just gives me more time to loose some inches baby!

I am super excited to now have 31 followers! Being encouraged by reading your blogs and the awesome comments is an awesome experience. I hope that I am able to encourage all of you in some way or another.

I read this little devotional today and was really encouraged by it. This is the same author that wrote the book 'Made To Crave' that I often refer to. I hope you are encouraged by it like I was.



  1. This may seem like a stupid question but who or what is TOM?? And girl stop stressing about the cookies, it's ok!! And I'm sure you burned them off plus some extra! And just want to tell you thanks for your encouraging words and comments!

  2. I am reading a lot of things from that same author. That book is next on my list:)

  3. TOM is time of month! :)

    What other books have you read of hers?