Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 11

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 220 (12/12/11)
CW: 197.2 (-1.6 lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 550
Miles ran/jogged/walked: 4
Avg Calories per day: 1138
50-65oz water daily (a little less that I wanted)

Not a lot to say about last week except it was an awesome week with my husband. I kicked butt on my food and was not worried about the fact that I only worked out twice. I was just so happy to be with him and enjoy us that I wasn't worried about it. 

I did want to share a thought that I had when talking with a friend today, I hope you get something from it like we did. "I don't like to think in cheat days because this is not a fad diet it is a lifestyle and I am not cheating my life. However, I do allow myself to splurge when I feel like it without guilt and in moderation. I do have to pray for self control before I ever even sit down for that meal or head out for an outing with friends."

Mini goal for last week:   Maintain weight & self control, its Spring Break!~~~DONE!!! 

Mini goal for this week: Start & Finish C25K W4D1~~EEEKK!

NSV this week:
  • Bought a new dress and feel good in it!
  • MAJOR self control even though I was on vacation and it was Spring Break! 
  • Lost another 10 inches (25.5 total) this month!!

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18



  1. Yay way to go!! You should have posted a pic of ur new dress for everyone to see :)

  2. Great job on Spring Break!! You can do the W4D1. I'm in week 5 or 6 and didn't think I'd be able to do the 8 minute interval jogging and I did.

    I'm doing C25K for the second time and at a faster pace and it's tough, but amazing how I'm able to do each run just like they suggest. It all works together. Keep up the good work!

  3. Go girl!!! I need to see a PICTURE please?!?!?!?!? miss ya :)

  4. congrats on you being in the 100"s!!!! woot! can't wait I'm almost

  5. I have a cheat day, and I really like your view that it's not cheating, it's part of a lifestyle!