Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting real tonight

This weekend was kind of a blah one for me. I was hungry all weekend and then I would feel bloated for hours after eating. I enjoyed a bit of a splurge meal yesterday of a ribeye, mashed potatoes and asparagus courtesy of my bff. We did have fun playing spa doing hair & face masks and of course pedicures. I counted it and wasn't over for the day but was yuck feeling. That was the first time I have had red meat in about 3 months so maybe that was it. TOM is probably the other reason. Blah again. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am thinking I am not gonna like it.

Oh yeah and I ate several of my daughters gummy princess vitamins tonight. I only meant to have 2 but I liked them and they were like little gummy bears, which I love. Blah...moving on...again.



  1. we all have those moments. Don't worry it won't effect anything in the long run just enjoy your time with your friend and let it be.

    1. Thanks Liz! I am so glad I am over that day. I wish we could just skip right over those blah days. :)