Monday, April 30, 2012

Short & Sweet

Day 1 was easy hard. The food wasn't as hard for me since I have been making my way to clean eating over the last few weeks. I actually had to make myself keep eating and was unable to eat all of meal 3. I also subed meal 5 for a cottage cheese protein shake but should have done an egg white omlette instead.

I liked the weights tonight except the pushups. I just can't bust those out and never have been able to so I think that's going to be a priorty for me this month. I'm not sure if I was on the low end # wise with the dumb bells but it burned and that's when I know its making changes. Looking forward to day 2 now that I know a little more of what to expect and what I still need to tweak to fit my needs.

Night yall!



  1. Cottage cheese protein shake? Good? Sounds interesting.

  2. Way to go girl. You ARE doing this. You are going to become so strong with weight lifting! I'm excited to follow your progress. :)