Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Weigh In~Week 16

Here are this weeks stats:  

SW: 220 (12/12/11)
CW: 193 (-.4 lbs)
Calories burned from exercise: 2452
Miles ran/jogged/walked/biked: 14.95
Avg Calories per day: 1208
100-120oz water daily 

HMMM! If you look at last weeks #'s and this weeks #'s you can obviously see that this was a better #'s week. So why is the number down?? Well, I have a few theories but I am not sure which one if any are to blame. I know I didn't get enough water in this weekend so that's the biggest problem. Then I laid out yesterday for a little to long and I am burned today so I think there is some water retention going on there. I also haven't been very "regular" the last few's days so I am guessing I need to call the doctor and see about getting some more samples of the medicine he gave me for it. 

I am pretty tired today and lacking the energy or motivation to do much. I am a little bummed with this weigh in since I really want to make my goal of 30lbs in 4 months by 4/30/212. On the other side I am happy that I lost and didn't have a gain. I got an awesome cook book from my secret prayer partner at church and I will be making 5 recipes from it this week. Hungry Girl Cookbook

I got in 5 workouts this week and I tried HIIT training on Saturday. Its a little crazy and intense but I really enjoyed it. I made a little video so you could see how I did it (don't laugh at me though). HIIT Training

Mini goal for last week: 3 miles on the elliptical at least twice.~3.03 & 2 miles x2 on the elliptical, I am happy with that. 

Mini goal for this week: 3 HIIT sessions this week.

NSV this week: 
  • I am just really proud of myself overall this week.   

This is how my week went, how was yours? Did you have a weight loss or maybe a NSV?  

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13



  1. You're doing great! LOVE the NSV! Hold your head high and never give up :)

    Kelly at Journey to a New Me

  2. Good job! I know it can be a bummer but the big picture is EVERY little bit counts. Every .2, .4, 1 all adds up!!!! Keep it up girl.

  3. DItto the above... It can be frustrating not to reach a certain goal in time, but you have to remember that the bigger picture is what makes the most difference. All of your weigh-ins are adding up to a great success.

    Keep up the good work!

    p.s. Couldn't view the said it was private.

    1. I am such a dork! I have made the video public now! Thanks!