Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Good & The Bad

I have several things I want to talk about today since I didn't get to post over the weekend.  It seems like I have a day like this at least once a week, but it is what it is. So stick with me on this ramble of information. *The next paragraph may be TMI so feel free to skip over it if necessary*

I finally went to the doctor about my stomach problems last week. I have dealt with this for years and just thought it was my normal. I would feel bloated on most days of the week and have a lot of discomfort in my stomach. I was not "regular" at all and I mean 2-3 times a week was my normal. After spending the last 4 months on a mostly clean eating plan I really was surprised to find that none of this had changed. I mean I totally accept the fact that my eating habits before could have caused all of these problems but now when I am eating so good, drinking plenty of water and exercising I didn't get it. My awesome doctor took one feel of my stomach after hearing all of the steps and remedies that I had tried with no results and told me that my colon doesn't work normally and I have IBS. Every other time I have told a doctor the list of symptoms their solution is always "drink more water, eat better and take extra fiber daily". Well in my case that was the worse thing for me to do because since my colon doesn't work normally all of that extra fiber I was taking was just building up in my colon and adding to the problems I already had.  So now my doctor has given me a new plan to try out and we will see how well it works out in the long run. He has me taking Amitiza after taking Mag Citrate first and then recommends I take Miralax daily and stay away from extra fiber. I am really hopeful that this will be an answer to so many of my medical issues that I have dealt with over the years. Did you know that apples will constipate you? Me neither and I love apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon, I was eating one every day in the afternoon. *tear*

Did you hear that I RAN 2 MILES last week, twice? Well I did and it was freaking awesome! I actually enjoyed it and I am planning on uping my distance a little this week. I finished my C25K Week 5 and started on Week 6 but I am having a hard time making myself walk instead of run when its time to. I MAY BE A RUNNER AFTER ALL!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

I have some sad news with a happy ending...I wont be doing my 5K in May because we will be going to see Jon's family in Missouri that weekend. His brother will be graduating that week from an Army training program he is doing before deploying for Korea and it will be our last time to see him for what could be a few years. He has been deployed several times in the last 7 years but this will be the first time since we have joined the family and we are really going to miss him. We also get to see Jon's sister her husband and there 6 kids and we have some fun stuff planned for all the kids. May mini vacation this year will be 5 adults and 8 kids, Silver Dollar City, creek swimming and lots of family fun in Branson (our 1st time there). I know we will have a great time and make so many memories on this trip. It is a little hard for me because I had really set my mind on this 5K being my first and was so excited at how far I had come. BUT, I found another one on June 16 that I will be doing instead and it is local to me so that is a plus. I am also still going to look at doing a few others before this year is over!!

I had a few other things for this blog but its already getting long and if I am tired of reading it then you probably are to. So until next time.


P.S. I had a rough day yesterday (and ate 333cals of Hershey's chocolate then beat myself up for it) but I have been continually reminded myself today that my life is overly blessed and I don't need to complain so much when their are others that are really suffering and are happy regardless. 


  1. Soo is it weird if I admit to having the same problem? And I do all of that other stuff too..I take 1 softner and 2 fiber pills a day and still have a rough time! And I'm glad you found another 5k to do & it sounds like ya'll will have an awesome vacation :)

    1. No that's not weird at all, were just more alike every day. ;) Seriously though, take the mag citrate before bed or early in the morning and then the miralax daily for 2 weeks and see if you don't have results. If you don't have results from the mag citrate by morning (8 hours) then take the miralax and then do the mag citrate again the next day. You want to do this on a weekend when you can be at home. The daily fiber sounds like it may be doing the same thing to you. My doctor said that it was ok for me to take the miralax every day.

  2. hope your stomach problem works itself out on the new meds. feeling good should be "normal" :)

    and congrats on being a runner.

  3. Hope your stomach issues work themselves out :( Boo.

    New follower! I love your blog and love that you are on a journey for fitness and health :) I blog a lot about health and fitness myself. I'm sure I bore people with it, but that's my passion :) If you ever need any help or have questions let me know! That's what I love to do!

    Congrats on the running, as well! I like running, but my knee does NOT.

  4. I have the same problem. I hardly ever "go".,I am going to try that Miralax and see if it helps me too;) I always tease my co-worker that I am going to end up like some of our elderly....obsessed with my bowels;) lol!!!

  5. I have heard that Branson is AWESOME! Have a great time.

    Great job on running and NOT beating yourself up over the chocolate. There are days like that...as long as they don't turn into weeks and months you'll be good to go. :)

  6. Branson is really beautiful. It is sooooooo gorgeous.

    I have IBS it is rough but it gets better. Great Job on the running!

  7. Hope the new plan works well for you.

    Awesome job on your runs!! :) So great to read positive results with the C25K program!