Friday, April 20, 2012

Just my opinions!

This week has flown by and as usual I am asking myself where the time has gone. I have already logged 13.45 miles for this week and I have only done weights once. I plan on getting in 2 more weight workouts this weekend though. I bought some new videos this week for super cheap and I am stoked to give them a try. These two plus a yoga and a pilates, which I am excited to try since I have never done either and always wanted to!

In my last post I talked about the sugar I have been getting from fruit and that I was fine with the amount I was getting since it was natural. After thinking about it, I was curious just how many grams of sugar I was getting a day and I was astonished when I started watching it on MFP. Needless to say I have cut back on my fruit *tear* and I am working on replacing it with other filling foods. So last night I picked up a bag of carrots, celery, fresh asparagus and this.
I have to say that it is a little on the strong side of the garlic taste (even for me being a garlic lover) but it did make the carrots a little easier to eat. I am planning on making pizza with it tonight and I am really hoping that it turns out good. They also have a roasted red pepper flavor that I think I might like even better so its up next to try out. 

I bought a few new items to try this week and wanted to share with you guys as well. 
The Joseph's pitas were a little dry but for only 60 calories and whole wheat they weren't to bad overall. They were better as a taco then as a wrap but I think that was because the tacos were a lot moister. The Oikos Greek yogurt was delicious but after my new findings about sugar this week it wont be a daily item but more of a treat. I tried the tea with a little bit of my Natural Bliss sweet creamer and was not a fan, I will be trying it again plain and see if its better. I also think I might try it as iced tea for a refreshing summertime tea. 

Now on to the best thing I have had this week! You think those are brownies don't you? Well there not but they were yummy! Chocolate Protein Bars! I was really surprised at how moist they were and what an awesome late night snack to satisfy that hunger craving and sweet tooth. I plan on making some lemon bars this weekend and cant wait! Have you ever tried these? If so what did you think? 

I got home from work yesterday to a clean (11 year old standards) house and the sweetest note from my oldest daughter. I'm not really sure how much of this is true since we are at the hormonal pre-teen stage but I will take it! 
She even made me a little snack with a boiled egg wrapped in a cupcake holder and a few of my favorite crackers!

Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any new recipes I should try out this weekend?


P.S. I was inspired to give my blog a makeover after seeing my friend Jaime's and I am really loving the new look!! What do you think? 


  1. That is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt:) My phone doesn't show me your blog design, but I am sure it is wonderful!

  2. A tip for the dry pita: if you heat a skillet then pour in a couple tablespoons of water (make sure it sizzles) then put the pita in to "steam", the pita will be much more soft and moist. Hope that helps!

    1. Oh I forgot I did heat it in a skillet when I did the tacos. I bet that helped it and adding water will even more. Thanks!

  3. I LOVE that hummus! Especially with carrots. Why is sugar from fruit bad? It didn't seem like you were eating too much fruit to me. I love fruit as well because I have such a sweet tooth!

    1. Its not that the sugar from the fruit is bad its just that I was getting any where from 75-120g a day and that's quite a bit. After reading some more I have found that a lot of fitness experts, teachers and healthy lifestyle people benefit from a lower amount of sugars and only in the morning time. Also, sugar is a big contributing factor along with artificial sweeteners and salt to the pooch area and I don't want that hanging around any longer than necessary. LOL

  4. Hummus and carrots is one of my favorite snacks!

    So sweet of your daughter to leave that note and a snack :)