Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phase 1 Review

I completed Phase 1 of the Livefit Trainer that I told you guys about here and I loved it!

Nutrition-The biggest key to success is preparation and I cant say this enough. If I would not have had all of my foods readily available it would have been really hard. I generally take a few hours on Sunday afternoon and get everything cooked and portioned out for the week. I keep clean food in the fridge at work and home to keep me on track. When we went on vacation, I packed 4 days worth of food that I had pre-made for myself. On the few occasions we went out to eat, I requested my food to be grilled dry and me veggies steamed. I drank LOTS of water and green tea daily. I also took my vitamins & supplements daily. I would say my eating was 98% clean and what wasn't was sugar free products. This has made me so much more aware of what is going in my body as well as how much CRAP is in our food. I am constantly amazed when I read the packages now days and I have tried really hard to make the switch for my family where I can as well.

Fitness-I am now a beast, ok not really but I can pretend. I am lifting 15-30lbs more than I was at the beginning. I was able to bust out 3 sets of 10 assisted pull ups yesterday for Phase 2 day 1 and let me tell you that has NEVER happened. I couldn't even do those in high school. I feel so comfortable back in the free weight section now and the guys don't really bother me. They kind of work around me actually. I have had a few ladies approach and ask what plan I am following and ask for advice on how to do certain machines. I actually have a little bump in my biceps and my butt has lifted. My thighs are more solid now than ever and my calves, well they rock. I think they look like man calves but Jon & Sarah keep telling me they are great and will be a great asset when I lean down. Well see about that though.

With all of that said my overall loss for Phase 1 is as follows:

-17.1 inches, -1.6lbs & -3% body fat

This was with 4 weeks of heavy lifting, clean eating and NO CARDIO!

On to Phase 2 now and I am adding back in cardio so the fat should be melting away now.