Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just a little bit stronger

I've been a bad Blogger girl this week. Well not horrible but not great, I haven't gotten to post daily and I am so behind on reading I could spend hours just catching up with all of you. I feel like I know you all and can relate to you when I get into your blogs. That's on my agenda though so don't worry!

Today is day 10!!! Can you believe it?? I feel good about my progress and I am finally getting to where I am hungry more so the eating is getting easier except for meal 5. I never seem to be hungry when I get dinner done for everyone and then end up with a protein shake of some sort. I have found a new recipe for pancakes and I am loving them. I am trying a new version tomorrow and I will post the recipes tomorrow if I get time.

Today was legs and I am so excited that I pushed myself and added 15lbs to each workout except squats and I was dying when they rolled around because I had to do them out of order.

The best thing is the guys are not staring at me like I am lost anymore but actually make room for me. Girls-1 Boys-0 (hehe) I am loving the new strength that I am feeling. I am a little bloaty feeling towards the end of the day but I think that will pass.

I'm gonna try and post a picture tomorrow but since Photobucket took off the collage option I haven't been able to find a collage maker that works for me. :(

Hope yall had an awesome day and made your fat cry!!



  1. My fat was definitely crying today...all over the bike.

    cute: "girls-1, Boys-0" :D