Monday, May 14, 2012

Scattered Thoughts

I have really been thinking, praying and just listening to what God has to say about things. I want to share them with you guys but I really want to sit down and do some note taking to get it all together in a readable form. I have put my faith in God when it mattered the most in the past and the outcomes were exactly what I needed. I am patiently waiting for all the doors to open and take me where He wants me.

I am still progressing nicely with the LiveFit trainer, today is day 15 and I am really enjoying this program and the challenge that is presents to me. I have realized I have huge calves and I really hope they tone down some but I have very little upper body strength. However, it is getting a little stronger each week.

Without giving away details (b/c next week is week 4 and I plan on doing measurements then) I can tell you that I feel thinner, less bloated and have more energy. People are starting to notice my changes and its really nice. I would never judge someone for their size and I hope that others aren't judging me negatively for the changes that I have made. I just want to be healthy and if I can influence others to do the same then I am gonna keep on doing what I am doing.

Last week just flew by in the blink of an eye. I was so busy that I barely realized it and by the end of the day and after my workout I was falling into bed. This week may not be much better because we have a Kindergartner graduating and field day with her class on Friday. Lots of mommy duties to fulfill this week and a wedding to coordinate this weekend.

Please be praying for me in regards to some changes I am praying about in my life as well as the direction God is taking me and the doors to open for them to happen.

Until I can think straight long enough to do a real blog again!


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  1. You rock!! Can't wait to hear how you have changed over the last couple weeks:)