Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Weeks In

I am on Day 16 of the LiveFit trainer and I am loving it. It has given me such an empowering feeling overall. I look at myself in the mirror on occasion when I am lifting and I tell that girl "you can do this, you are doing this for a greater cause". I know this may seem silly but it is what gets me through those last few reps when I just know that my arms or legs are ready to give up on me. Before I started this program I had originally planned on doing it when I got closer to my goal weight. Because I mean a 'big girl" doesnt need to lift weights to tone, she needs to do cardio to burn fat. Boy was I wrong! It is amazing the difference you feel in your body when lifting. If I could encourage you to do it for even 30 days I know you would love it just as much.

The nutrition part of this plan is simple. Its basiclly clean eating with lots of protein, veggies and starch. This means no processed, fried, fast, or packaged food. I know that sounds hard but its really not. I am able to prep all of my meals on Sunday and they are ready for me to eat anytime I am hungry so I never get hungry.I eat 6x a day and I as get further in the trainer my body is letting me know really quick when and if I need to eat more.

3 weeks in and I am loving it. Well see how much I love it by the end of week 12.

It has been alot of trial and error and asking questions from others that have finished or are doing the trainer now. I have been apart of an awesome facebook group that has been amazing for support and information. If you are interested in finding out more about the trainer feel free to let me know and if I dont know the answer I will find out for you.


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