Wednesday, December 14, 2011

M.I.A for 200 days

I'm not sure where the time has gone but I looked in the mirror recently and realized it has gone and my previous goals had been taken with it.

I am not going to set a number to lose but I want to be healthy and feel good inside and out. I have been starting every day with a prayer for God to change my desires and my attitude daily. I am flesh, he is God, I can not do anything without him leading me.

I can honestly say that part of my M.I.A time was spent in the valley and I was content in the monotony of that daily. I was given some counsel by a friend not long ago that told me the changes I want for my family must first start with me. This was not exactly what I wanted to hear from her but I have accepted the responsibility that if I want my girls and life to be different than what I have been taught I must change it. I have not broken free of all the bondage life has placed on me but I will give myself to God daily and ask him to remove the bondage from me.

If you are reading this post I ask that you please pray for me to have the strength, desire, attitude and obedience to be steadfast in what God ask of me.



  1. I will be praying for you! We are in the same boat;-)

  2. I can't hardly explain the similarities between us in regards to our thoughts toward weight loss. Your thoughts regarding the "addictions" and how we are leading our kids.... I feel the same way! We are in the same category of size and weight... I struggle BIG time... I love my mom and the women on that side of the fam... but we all look alike and I'm well on my way to the complete look in terms of the body... which is not a look of health (though their personalities and faces are beautiful!). In the summer of '10 I looked the best I had looked in years (though I had a long ways to go still... but that just goes to show how much weight I took off in years). But we returned to Austria and well, life took over and my spiritual life took a back seat and to be brutally honest... we weren't going to see family/friends in the US for awhile so that need to impress was disappearing. haha. All that to say.... I'll be praying for you... keep me in yours as well. We'll be back next summer for a furlough and I'm hoping to have another 'wow' factor going on ;) haha!

  3. I totally agree with you! My moms side of the family is where most of my "weight struggles" come from. Weight loss is one of the hardest things I have had to do, thats why I like to compare it to an addition. I have recently started using to track my calories, exercise and for support. You should look into it and friend me so we can be support to one another. I will keep you in my prayers daily as I am praying for myself. Let our minds and spirits grow closer to God while our hips and behinds are shrinking! :)