Friday, May 13, 2011

Peace within me

Finding peace within yourself is sometimes a hard thing to do when you have life going all directions all around you. Finding peace from God is where you really get the peace you are looking for.

Several things have happened in the last two weeks that I have wanted to blog about or just simply journal but as usual this is the last thing on my list to do so it hasn't been getting done.

These things are the stones on the path way that God has created for my family and I. If I sat down and thought it threw I could probably do an entire map of how every TRIAL In the past has lead me to the BLESSINGS that He continues to give us today.

Just a little glimpse into the AWESOMENESS of my GOD..........

*God made it clear to us two weeks ago that he had a better plan for us and it was time to leave my current job, with no directions or a GPS mind you (except for His word).

*6 days later I was offered a job without me even actually looking with a local company. If you don't already know, I have a 160 mile round trip drive to my current job. So this is definitely an answer to some serious prayers!!

*I am continually humbled by others that God has made a part of my life in the way that they live their lives!

*There are an amazing few ladies that I love being able to call friends. I prayed for so long for true, real,
meaningful friendships and He has given me the friendships I need at the right time.

Tonight at Mom's @ Central we each shared a few Blessings in our life and it is just amazing to see how GREAT our God is.

He carried the weight of almost 29 years worth of sin on the cross that day for me. I am just so thankful for the Love that he gives me every day!

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  1. I also prayed for a long time for friends... one month after we arrived in Austria I met 2 wonderful ladies that now, nearly 7 yrs. later are wonderful friends and have been what I needed during our life here.