Monday, June 18, 2012

My ABC's & 123's

Please excuse my temporary lapse in sanity over the last week as I believe a crazy, uncontrolled, hormonal monster took over me.

I feel almost 100% better today and I am ready to kick butt and take names later! You get the point right??

Plan A-Counting Calories & LOTS of cardio worked great but needed a change.
Plan B-LiveFit trainer worked great also but was way to restrictive and demanding for my lifestyle at this point in the game.

Good thing I still have 24 options left!

Plan C-Balanced CLEAN eating while still tracking my food with MFP along with 3 days of Turbo Fire at home and 2 days of heavy weight training in the gym. I am going to take the information that I got from the LiveFit Trainer and create a balanced weight program that will hit each muscle group. 

With the LiveFit trainer you are focusing on one or two muscle groups a day and there are several different workouts for each day. I am going to take the workouts for each muscle group that are the most beneficial overall and have 2 days of weight training with them. Once I get this tweaked a little more I will share it with you guys also. 

I wont go into the details of what I have ate the last 7 days but just know that it wasn't pretty. What did I gain from you might ask, well let me tell you.

1. Oily face and dry, rough skin
2. Breakouts
3. Tummy aches
4. Bloating
5. Fatigue
6. Overall felling of YUCK!
7. The Scale-I have no idea what this damage is and I will not be back on the scale for at least 2 weeks.

All of these things are really not worth the food that I ate. I know that I felt good when eating clean and I am going back to it! If it aint broke don't fix it!

Anyone else fall off the wagon and having trouble dragging yourself back on it? What encourages you to keep going?



  1. I have been struggling too:/
    I am trying to make better choices myself:)

    1. Once choice at a time will build up to lots of great choices!!

  2. Well, I've had a rough couple of weeks. We're packing up a house that we've lived in for 8 yrs. and went from 1 kid to 3 kids in that time.... so the amount of crap is unreal! haha. But this past week I started with a "cleanse" that I thought would get me in gear and I say "started" because I don't like some of the foods it said I had to eat on one day..... BUT it did get me back on track to eating cleaner and watching my portion control (which is really my biggest problem). I know being back in the US is going to be a challenge because there are restaurants I have missed! But thankfully we will be living in a small house as a family in stead of with the inlaws like we thought we might have to do. So that allows me to control our family eating habits. So it might be a slow... plateau of a season for the next couple of weeks because I am packing and moving and living with friends while we wait for our departure date and then live with my family in NY till we fly to Texas. But I'm looking forward to meeting up with you for workouts (you can train me!). Krista

    1. I cant even imagine how hectic things are for you right now. I am praying for peace and ease in this transition for you and your whole family. Just remember that you can have what ever you want as long as you do it in moderation. This is where I usually make a huge mess of things. I lack the self control needed to be able to enjoy these things. I cant wait to workout out with you!!

  3. I fell off completely last week! Didn't track anything - ate everything! And it got to the point, where nothing was satisfying, yet I was so stuffed. I felt so gross! But, by Sunday, I started to come out of the funk, and have had a much better couple of days. I hate falling off, but it's ok, as long as we pick ourselves back up. Even if it takes a little bit longer to get back into a healthy routine, than it did to fall off. Doesn't it always work that way? :)

    1. This was exactly what happened to me! I am so glad that we have the tools now to get back on track!